About Maxose

Maxose.com is a website for coupon marketing that lists coupon codes and other good deals offered by variety of stores. We hope that you can find your favorite discount coupons, promo codes, free shipping offers etc, on this website, and save a lot of money during your online purchase of your desired products and services.

Privacy Policy

We do not store your email address or any other personal information, and neither is there any way for you to provide any personal information on this website. If you send us a feedback email, or if you mail us for coupon advertising options, we promise that your email address will be used only to communicate with you for that specific purpose and for no other purpose.

Advertising Options

Maxose.com is a relatively new website, that currently has many deals that are not linked to the corresponding online stores of merchants. We constantly link coupon codes provided by various merchants to their respective websites, where buyers may directly paste the promo code to avail a discount.

If you are a merchant with an online store, please contact us for advertising your offers via affiliate marketing programs, for a quick listing on our website.